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I sketched this illustration in a makeshift sketchbook yesterday. I didn't have a digital tablet with me so I went ahead took a jpeg pic of my sketch, grabbed my laptop, and started working on it using adobe illustrator.

In the background of the finished digitally illustrated version above I created random graffiti scribble lines in photoshop. I didn't have to, but I also didn't want a plain white background.

Illustrator's lines are too neat, and clean for a wrecked background so photoshop brushes did the trick (photoshop wasn't needed though. I could have use Microsoft paint, but I'm more comfortable with photoshop. It's all about comfort).

Below is a screencast of me creating (or more so tracing) "focus." It took almost two hours while using my laptop mouse. If I was in a rush or creating multiple characters this would have been disastrous, but since I am currently sick at home with nothing but was somewhat calming.

I will continue to create digital illustrations in Illustrator with a mouse vs in photoshop with a mouse. Digital painting in photoshop requires a digital tablet (I've tried, and can say it is sickening. My wrists were in pain, and I still didn't finish the art. I cannot get away with not using a drawing tablet in photoshop) whereas it can be optional with Illustrator (due to smoother line creation, and what not).

This was a fun project. It's not perfect, and looks somewhat differently than I had originally intended but I still like the end result.


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