I remember way back when I tweeted about blogger.com having the worst templates, and getting beautiful templates from other websites...low and behold after YEARS of never updating their templates they suddenly added new templates, and started updating blogger. 

I'm not saying that I was the cause, but it's strange that it happened after my tweet went viral (oh and I @ them as well so it's interesting...very interesting.)

I like, and dislike the blogger update at the same time. 

I like the updated editor, the templates a bit better, but I still recommend using custom blogger templates that are a lot more fun, and clean. 

I hate that I can't insert htlm code in the editor the way I used to. 

I like the sleeker look of the editor, but that's about it. 

I hate that editing the theme html has a lot more issues than it used to. Old code that I used to have work flawlessly don't work with the new templates, and it sucks. 

There's a 50/50 chance of me moving this blog from blogger to wordpress or another platform due to how limited things are now. At least with the html I used to bypass the suffocating blogger limits, but now that html is more of a hassle to use here there's really nothing here that's convincing me to stay. 

So far I don't like blogger overall, but it's free so...there's that, and the fact that I've been using it since forever, and would feel bad abandoning it :(

-------- Moving On...

Covid has me lost, but finding myself again :)

Hey, so today I want to share with you guys how I package my orders, and give you guys some ideas as well on packaging your own orders be it art prints, stickers, plushies, fabric, etc. Most of the items I mentioned can be purchased on my shop found here as well:

It's been a while :)

My last post was on December 4th of last year, and it wasn't even anything heavy. I can't promise I'll be posting here every week since I'll be working on creating several classes, and also working on marketing my businesses but I'll try my best to be as active as possible.

So what's up with me lately?

  • So lately I'm revamping my course..."How to create a webcomic website" to be a little bit more easier (actually a whole lot more easier than the first).
  • I've been selling merch, coaching other artists on selling merch, and helping them get accepted into Amazon merch. I don't want to do a blog post or video on this one since I had better chances of helping everyone get accepted one on one by reviewing their site, and helping them write a short description about their art, and what they do. 
  • I'll also show you guys how to create something simpler using blogspot. I kind of wish blogger's editor was a bit more like wordpress, but it is what it is.

I'm working on a new webcomic that's pretty much blown up on webtoons (no it's not Lollitups, sadly), but I'm waiting to see how far I can take it. If it gets featured awesome, but I'm just happy it's getting attention without me randomly throwing it in peoples on social media. So I'm just content with that, and I'll be creating a few tips on how to help your comic go viral like my new one did (over 1000 subs in 24 hours) on webtoons. Of course genre, and your art plays a big part but your storytelling I think is what drives readers in the most. I'll get more in detail about that in either a youtube video or skillshare course. I don't know which one so we'll see.

I'm preparing a few youtube tutorials focused on graphic design, and financial freedom in art so your not struggling month by month as artist.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up what I've been doing.

Welcome to the first tutorial in my “How to draw cute…” series. Today I’ll be showing you guys one of the easiest ways I draw and stylize anime like eyes.

How to draw cute stylized anime eyes by vizartsgirl

How To Set Wordpress Homepage As Latest Post

As you guys know Wordpress customizer doesn't have the option to set your homepage as a specific post, latest post, or "custom post type"

So, I'm going to show you how to set your latest post in two different ways using plugins (not any custom coding).

If you guys want to do this with custom code rather than plugins this isn't that type of video tutorial so  watch the video below, and let's get started!

Thanks for watching!

Hey, guys! I'm back at it again. What's life without inspiration? Here is a brand new list of my fav artists for this month. Please feel free to follow, and support them. 

Alright, It's late at night, and I couldn't sleep so I figured why not browse the web and find illustrations I like from amazing artists. So here we go!

Hey, guys today I wanted to share with you my favorite sticker tutorial videos. You can use these to create laptop stickers, waterbottle stickers, planner stickers, and more!