A few hours ago I created an illustration for my bullet journal’s July theme.

A while back I uploaded a list of a few great stock video sites you can use for free stock footage, and today I'm back at it again with brand new/updated finds so here they are....

Motion Elements:

First up is a new favorite of mine called "MotionElements" where you can find great free video stock footage!  The snippet of the video above uses free video stock footage from Motion Elements, and I am loving the 1080p, and 4K HD quality options offered through their site. 

Motion elements is not completely free. Instead you get 5 free stock videos per week, and 30 extra free stock videos per week when you refer a friend! You can sign up for the free account to enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

You can browse "Motion Elements" free stock video here:

You can sign up for free here:


Vidsplay allows you to use their video stock footage completely free for personal, and commercial use. You can learn more about their terms of use here https://www.vidsplay.com/terms.html

At vidsplay there are two main ways to find free stock videos, and that is either by searching their site using the search bar or choosing from the categories on the right hand side. Signing up to download stock videos isn't necessary, but the library of videos available are small. 

This list will continue to grow, but so far these are the two latest stock video sites I've put to use this week for b-roll in my videos. Since I am being upfront, and honest with you guys about the sites, and products I use most often (daily, weekly, monthly, etc. you get the point) I won't recommend stock video sites that I personally haven't used myself. 

Quick Preview of What's to come!

So here's what has been going on lately with the slow posting:

  • I dropped my Huion pen, and it stopped working. I looked for a new Huion Pen at amazon, but it was the same price as the entire Huion tablet so,
  • I bought a new tablet a few days ago. I am now a happy customer of "XP-PEN", and I am enjoying that so much more (no hate Huion). 
  • I am working on a brand new video tutorial all about "Anti-Stress," journaling, and coloring (preview above) so stay tuned
  • If you're wondering about the fate of "Lolitups" don't. I am posting the latest chapter up very soon, but the biggest time consumer of making this webcomic is color. It's either color (more dynamic, and longer posting times) or black and white unedited sketches (faster posting, but more plain, and messy). I am also making this a lengthy chapter!
  • I have a new job now so...I'll be polishing my schedule to post a bit more often (1-2 times per week), and sleeping more so I won't give out half-hearted posts.
That's basically it...for now. 




In a world filled with superheroes all super villains cease to exist and earth is at peace.
Superpowers are now used for social status, and to help catch the occasional wanna-be-bad guys every now and then.

Being a superhero has never been so simple, easy, and safe...until

a massive unknown explosion in Cryptic City brings new deadly villains known as the "Crazy 12" into earth, and destruction begins.

In the midst of chaos the ultimate, weapon, Lolitups, awakens.

This a traditional illustration I created with one green sharpie maker yesterday.

I titled this "Those of us still hanging on by a thread." 

Every  single abstract item in this piece are being held on to by a string or thread whereas everything not being held on to (the fallen like dots) are those of us who have already given up, and lost the will to keep on fighting. We let go of that thread.

This is the same exact illustration, but filtered to a different color since I like blue tones :)

Meet Reya! She is one of my OC's from the "Elvin Girls" fantasy project I am working on. I've included a speed painting below:

Today, I took on the challenge of digitally painting for the first time using Paintstorm Studio. This was a full on no sketching, and just blending brushes type of digital painting that I don't usually do. I always start off with a sketch, and then use some line art though while using Paintstorm studio instead of Photoshop I thought, "Why not try something different."

In this illustration is an alien girl radiating blasts of energy from her body.

Digital painting, phoenix girl, fire girl painting, pink alien girl comic, web comic paint, paintstorm studion vs photoshop,