How To Create A Webcomic Website - Webtoon, and tapas inspired

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I made a full video course on how to create a responsive webcomic website without code using wordpress.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Spoiler Alert! We're not using Comic easel or comic press (I don't even know how to use them).
Also, no coding knowledge is necessary for this tutorial.

If you want to learn how to create a website to host your webcomics you’ve stumbled upon the right video!

This is How I Create "Webtoon" Inspired Comic Websites (No Coding Experience Needed). I hope you guys find it helpful.

It is a premium course, but you can get two months free, and watch it on skillshare by clicking below:

This tutorial does not include where to host or how to set up hosting for wordpress...since there are a million videos on that. Literally...a quick youtube search, and you're set.

My comic websites were inspired by sites like Webtoons, Tapas, and Lezhin Comics where your comics are 100% formatted for mobile view.  I'm always on my phone, and love to read as well as create comics for mobile devices.

I haven't seen many (actually any...I haven't seen even one tutorial) tutorials go over how to create comic websites with a similar feel to webtoons or tapas.

This method also gives you more control over the look, and feel of your website when you'd like to self host, and be less censored (ah-hem...webtoons).

I also have the full course available on Gumroad!


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