How to fix Incorrect Password error on Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot

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I know, I know this has nothing to do with my blog, but I have nowhere else to post this so if this helps ya'll I'm happy!

So you're on windows 10

You've turned on your mobile hotspot....

You're wifi is on, and broadcasting

You try to connect to your mobile hotspot wifi from your iPad, Android, etc

Then it says "Incorrect Password" can't join

But you know it's the correct password

After getting absolutely no help from the internet

And confirming that microsoft support is mentally challenged or simply utterly stupid and uselesss

I have found a solution that works for me.....and it might work for you

Go to Wifi, and turn off that Hotspot 2.0 Networks button

and then reconnect to your wifi hotspot.

Voila you're fucking connected!!!!

Sorry for the Vulgar language today, I'm just so pissed at microsoft support for doing absolutely fucking nothing to help.

Bonus for VPN Users:

If you want unlimited speed, and you're using t-mobile or something switch on your VPN (I use express VPN)

Under Network Connections Choose your VPN tap adapter, and under sharing, check "allow other computers to use internet connection", and choose the mobile hotspot you just turned on (it should say, "Local area connection blah, blah).

You should have a faster connection tunneled through your VPN.


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