Beautiful Wordpress Ecommerce themes for Woocommerce

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Do you want to upgrade your current ecommerce store or maybe add an ecommerce shop to your blog? Well, your in luck! Below are a few beautiful Wordpress Ecommerce themes for Woocommerce (many of which I have tried myself) that I recommend to upgrade the look of your current or future shop. Some of these stunning Ecommerce themes have free versions while others are completely premium.


Visualartzi Download Hypermarket Beautiful Woocommerce Wordpress theme
Screenshot of Hypermarket Theme

My Favorite free ecommerce theme for wordpress by far has to be Hypermarket. It's clean, minimalistic, and works effortlessly with woocommerce, and includes features that woocommerce itself does not normally have. Hypermarket is for the most part free.

If you like the full length slider on the homepage, and the special offer countdown you can purchase the Hypermarket Premium Plugin for about $34. Alternatively, if you'd like to keep things 100% free, and know how to code you can alter these things yourself without having to spend an extra penny.

I myself have used Hypermarket (free + premium plugin), and can say it's golden. It's a highly converting theme that will have you customers scrolling, and clicking from page to page.
You can customize the sidebar similar to the same way you customize the Storefront theme from Woocommerce.

When using hypermarket I recommend using png (transparent) product images if you'd like your ecommerce store to look very similar to the demo.


Screenshot of Storefront Theme by Woocommerce

Storefront is Woocommerce's very own wordpress eCommerce theme so of course it would make this list. Storefront features an easy to customize header in which you can add images or videos. It's lightweight, loads very quickly, and it's free!

If you'd a very straightforward approach to your ecommerce shop without having to spend a ton of cash (or no cash at all) then storefront would be your best bet.

You can customize Woocommerce's storefront even further without typing a line of code by using a plugin called "Pootle Press", and this blank storefront eCommerce child theme also from Pootle Press found here.


Henry is a Premium Dynamic woocomerce wordpress theme that is stunning, and very interactive. It is a mainly visual theme that puts your product images first. This ecommerce theme puts an emphasis on grids, and categories to organize, and sort your products. If you need a stunning theme that puts visuals, and organization first I definitely recommend Henry.

If you also require an eCommerce theme with a wonderful looking blog portion Henry might not be the one as the blog is sub-par in comparison to the dynamic homepage, and shop portions.


A premium stunning blog and shop in one? Yes, please!  TUULIKI is a stunning clean minimalistic, modern and chic blog shop that is perfect for fashion, and beauty bloggers who would like to share stories and sell items all in one platform. It's easy to customize, and works flawlessly with woocommerce.

Included in TUULIKKI woocommerce theme are great plugins such as custom fields pro (valued over $100).

They also have links to their easy to follow step by step youtube videos which show you how to upload, and customize this beautiful eCommerce theme.


Ministore is a premium beautiful, dynamic, modern, and very interactive woocommerce wordpress theme. When customers land on your page they will most likely be intrigued, and impressed. The features included in Ministore eCommerce theme are more advanced than what is regularly included in Woocommerce's Storefront theme. For example, Ministore allows you to add to your wishlist, quick view products without having to leave the page, and "add to compare" where you can add similar products to a list, and compare their details side by side. You also have a lot more social sharing buttons available to you than any regular Woocommerce theme.

The blog pages are also well designed to match with the shop's theme, and does not disappoint.


Simply beautiful, elegant, and clean. Give your online beauty shop a complete make over with premium eCommerce WordPress theme "Scandinavian." This theme displays your product images, summary, and buying options in a way that is pleasing to the eyes, and easy to navigate.

Scandinavian is simply built to optimize your sales. The blog section is very engaging as it allows you to feature a multitude of images in a gallery view to promote even more of your products at a glance of an eye, and scroll of a mouse. Scandinavian eCommerce theme for WordPress works amazingly well with Woocommerce, is fully responsive, and even features a child theme for advanced customization. Support instructions for Scandinavia is also available to help you install your files smoothly. You can click here to view the helpful tutorial!

Grazie Feminine Woocommerce Wordpress Theme:

A beautiful blog powered ecommerce shop that is perfect for fashion, and beauty bloggers/vloggers looking to transform their blog into an impressive wordpress woocommerce shop. Grazie is a feminine beauty, and fashion themed template that hints at having a shop without being too pushy so the shop isn't all in your face, but instead subtly incorporated.

Grazie makes it easy for your users to sort through your shop by color or even by size options (small through extra large). This theme features wishlists, flexible widget areas, an instagram feed, is 100% responsive, and SEO optimized to boost your search rankings!


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