I am basically a day or two (okay, it's been like a week. Let me live) since I said I'd do a "daily sketchbook binge" on here so even though it's a little overdue here is the first set. I'm working on improving my proportions on different sizes of paper using ink.

Doodle sketchbook visualartzi. New sketchbook artwork 2018

I got a new sketchbook yesterday. I didn't like it at first since it's not as smooth to draw on with my pens, but it grew on me a little.

Do the following, and you are sure to be scammed!

Blood sweat and tears. Illustrating this was...I have no words for the horror I have experienced but I like the finished look of everything so maybe the torture was worth.

This will be the last time I’ll ever be drawing any scenes or characters from “Midnight” without a drawing tablet. I am happy to have learned how to paint with a mouse, but the struggles were too real this time.

I will most likely never do it again unless my life depends on it. I think I have carpal tunnel, and permanent back pain (no matter how many breaks I took).

Limited time free mock up of dark olive green t-shirt that you can edit in photoshop!

Below is a video of me speed painting this piece. Enjoy!
Midnight is a current work in progress that I was painting in Photoshop, but at this point I might switch over to Illustrator for the sharper vector line work.

I wanted to create a scifi fantasy character with golden synthetic arms that could transform into killer weapons so while I was drawing in the makeshift notebook this character came to mind, and brought itself to life.

I’m still working on what I want for the background, but this is what we've got so far.

Update: Click here to see the finished look!

As promised, below is the video creation featuring me drawing/illustrating "Lotitups"
Today's drawing in the makeshift sketchbook is "Lolitups." I wanted to make a wacky crazy colorful webcomic, and even though it is in its draft stages I am happy to introduce "Lolitups, Magna Girl, and Electro-boy."

Growing up as a kid I was in love with cartoons. Wacky, semi-funny, but oh so colorful cartoons. Even though I no longer watch tv as much as I used to as a kid I have recently fell into reading webcomics, and webtoons. I was so inspired that today I have crafted my own ridiculous version of a childish webcomic. Here is the sketch:

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