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Are you looking for beautifully stunning fonts to use for wedding invitations, logos, blogs, business cards,  posters, or even to boost your social media engament? Below are limited deals, and offers currently available to download the best premium script fonts at the lowest prices of the season. Keep on reading to find the fonts that match your style.  
How to gain design experience as a self taught graphic designer

One of the best ways to gain some official design experience as a self taught Graphic Designer is by Freelancing.

Freelancing gives you the freedom to work with clients at your own time, and choose which graphic design projects you are comfortable working with. As you are just starting out you might want to take on the smaller projects that you know you can easily accomplish, and then progress onto bigger more complex projects. Why do so?

Psychological thriller book cover breakdown visualartzi

This is a psychological thriller I was inspired to design after reading a seriously twisted story that left me on the edge so I collected my thoughts, hoped on photoshop, and whipped this up:
beautiful wonderful HD High Quality Stock Images Visualartzi

Amazing HD stock image websites, and a vector website that visual artists, as well as graphic designers, can use while on a tight budget.


Pixabay Free Stock Images Visualartzi

Pixabay has a massive HD stock image library that you can use on both personal, and commercial projects without giving attribution. All you have to do is create an account and viola! Unlimited access to download any stock image they have in their database. 

I’m going to be completely honest here about the chaos that is

If you want to learn more about without my experience I recommend you  scroll to the second half of this post. is a marketplace that allows designers to sell their products, and services for free while connecting buyers with high quality designs.

I was originally recommended from a graphic design forum, and was drawn in by the ability to set my own prices, not having to be exclusive (I could sell on multiple platforms so I wasn’t limited), getting quality support, etc…
This platform had a similar concept to creative market (which I love) so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, and try it out.

Free Video Stock Footage Visualartzi

Are you working on a project, but can't seem to find any high quality video clips for b-roll? Or maybe you want free HD videos that you can use on your video project commercially?

If you want to find high quality video stock footage that you can use absolutely free of charge then keep on reading.

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10 Free blogger templates to make your blogspot blog look awesome!

Hi, guys today I'll be showing you how to design your YouTube channel art, header or cover (whatever you want to name it) in the video below. Feel free to use this exact style or one that is completely unique to you. Click play, and let's get started!

One creative way to market, and bring attention to your books (especially if you are a self published author) is by creating an enticing book trailer. People love entertaining visuals so I'm here to give you some helpful tips on creating a stunning book trailer for your fiction novel, series, etc.