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Hey, so today I want to share with you guys how I package my orders, and give you guys some ideas as well on packaging your own orders be it art prints, stickers, plushies, fabric, etc. Most of the items I mentioned can be purchased on my shop found here as well:

I don't talk much in this video (it's mainly visual), but you'll get the gist of it. 

Medium-Large Packaging (plushies, pillows, etc)

1st up is a DIY coloring plush pillow that I made!

I usually package these up in medium large pre-made tissue paper bags. You can get this type of tissue paper at a 99 cent store or at your local dollar tree so it's super affordable. 

Then I seal the large bag with a large matte sticker featuring my art :)

I get my matte sticker paper from amazon, and online labels. I'll have them linked below if you'd like to purchase the exact same one I used in the video. 

To make it a little more decorative sometimes I use golden washi tape. This one I got from my local walmart for less than $2. 

For large orders like my DIY coloring plushie pillows I usually include freebie stickers. This is completely optional by the way. 

I usually use a brown paper bag, add in my stickers, social cards, and then close that up with a thank you sticker with a premade line that I personalize with the name of my customers! 

When that's all done I tape it down with the same washi tape for a cohesive look. 

Sticker Packaging

For my stickers I put a small slice at the bottom of my social cards, stick my stickers inside the small pocket, and then put in a clear cello sleeve that I seal with washi tape. 

My second way is similar to how I do the bonus stickers above except with a slight twist since this version is only done an order with multiple items (besides just stickers). 

I use another brown paper bag, add the stickers, and then seal the bag with another sticker (and sometimes I add washi tape. 

Then on the back I make a small pocket that I then use to add "bonus stickers". It then gets taped sideways to the other item in that order. 

Art Print Packaging 

As for my art prints. I pre-make tissue paper sleeves that I already customized with my designs. 

I pack the art print in the sleeve, and seal with either a sticker or washi tape. 

Since it's a multi-order I stack all the prints on top of each other, and usually add them to one cello sleeve, but in case i don't have one I sometimes use a bubble mailer or poly mailer. Then I place it in a rigid mailer. 

I usually customize my rigid mailer with a preview sticker of the items in the order, but sometimes I just place a cute thank you sticker on the outside, and call it a day. Oh, and it was customized with a permanent sharpie from the dollar tree. 

I purchased the rigid mailers from walmart. They were quite inexpensive. Here's the exact one I got:

Keep in mind that rigid mailers are already quite heavy so adding a bubble mailer inside only makes it heavier, and makes you pay more for shipping. I saved money on this by making my own DIY rigid bubble mailers. I made several of them using bubble wrap, and gift boxes from the dollar tree. Let me know if you guys would like a tutorial on how I did it :)

Fabric (t-shirts, neck scarves, blankets, etc.) Packaging

Next up to ship any fabric such as scarves, t-shirts, etc, I use poly mailers. 

You can get these plain white mailers at amazon, but since they looked super bland and boring I added designs to a whole bunch of them on a boring day while in quarantine. I got a pack of 200 for about $13. 

If you have a small amount of orders I recommend, but if you have hundreds of orders on constant I don't recommend doing this poly customization method since it's very time consuming. 

With fabric I usually wrap it in tissue paper, and then add my sticker art to liven up the look. Sometimes I use decorative clear plastic bags but that's usually for things like blankets since the tissue paper will usually rip easily due to the weight. 

When I'm all done packaging for the day I place a 4 x 6 shipping label (you can get these at dollar tree) on top of each package as I weigh them for accuracy.  

Then I use pirateship to print out my order shipping labels! I highly recommend pirateship for cheaper commercial rates :) 

You can of course use etsy for their shipping label rates (they are fine, and just as good), but since I run multiple shops I just sync everything (woocommerce, ebay, shopify, and etsy) with pirateship, and ship everything out. 


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