My Favorite DIY Ways To Create Stickers At Home

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Hey, guys today I wanted to share with you my favorite sticker tutorial videos. You can use these to create laptop stickers, waterbottle stickers, planner stickers, and more!

I love this tutorial, because she teaches how to make stickers using Vinyl paper from circuit, and how to neatly package them. You also don’t have to use expensive cutting machines for this tutorial.

If you like to use procreate, and want to make die cut stickers using circuit I definitely recommend this video below that goes into the full process of creating your stickers with circuit, and procreate.

This is more so full of tips rather than a full blown lengthy tutorial, but if you’ve ever wanted to make simple waterproof stickers here are some tips you should try out:

If you’d like to get super creative and homemade you can follow Jen’s cool video tutorial on creating stickers without any fancy expensive machines. She uses 3 methods to make the stickers, and they are super easy to follow, and do yourself.

Hope you guys enjoy!


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