How I Create DIY Daily Planner Coloring Journals With Canva

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It's been a long time coming, but I finally got a chance to upload it!

In this video I show you guys how I create a few of my coloring journal pages using canva. I have been creating, and ordering prints of my custom planner journals using blurb and canva for a while now, and thought I could share a bit of my process.

This is more so  a brief overview of what I do rather than an in depth tutorial.

I mostly use PNG images with transparent backgrounds so that I don't  have an issue combining multiple images.

I converted all my images to PNG ahead of time.

Most of my images are from Adobe Stock, but I edited them myself so the original images won't exactly look like the ones I edited in the video, but the look will still be somewhat similar.

Some images that I used in the video that I can provide for free:

Thanks for watching.


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