Wicked Belle: OC Digital Painting With Huion 420 Mini Review

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It's official!

So today, I'm starting off the week with a sketched digital illustration to be since I got my new drawing tablet *happy dance.*

I got the Huion 420 (not the H). It is one of the most basic drawing tablets (it's actually meant for a game called Osu...never knew it existed until yesterday), but it's good...I guess.

I mean at least it's not possessed like the last tablet that was gifted to me. Given my lack of experience with drawing tablets I don't have much to compare the Huion 420 to besides my mouse.

It get's the job done faster than my mouse so I can't complain.

This is the sketch I did yesterday. I wanted a freckle faced girl with flowing hair, a flower crown, and dripping graffiti paint as a background behind her.

Vizarts queen goddess illustration art drawing wicked belle

Obviously not everything turned out the way it originally was supposed to since I did so much BS on the sketch, but you get it pretty much. I sketch in ink (I hate pencils) so...no eraser for me.

At first I started this digital painting in Photoshop using my mouse. I was impatiently waiting for the tablet, but couldn't wait so I started outlining it with the pen tool, and then the tablet magically showed up!

Visualartzi Huion 420 review Vizarts queen goddess illustration art drawing wicked belle

After a while this is what we created together. Introducing, Wicked Belle.

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Here's a side by side comparison of the illustrations.

Vizarts queen goddess illustration art drawing wicked belle

I didn't add the freckles after realized...I already had a freckle faced beauty which you can see by clicking here so I went ahead, and left it out. I was so indecisive I changed the background 10 times, and on the 11th I said "screw it", and let go.

I created, and used some custom brushes to paint, Wicked Belle, and will upload them to the blog soon.

I like the results I got with the Huion 420 so here's my mini review:

Fave Pros of the Huion 420:

  • The Huion 420 pen is so pressure sensitive I love it
  • You can adjust just how sensitive the pen is in the settings so you're not stuck with a super sensitive pen. 
  • It comes with four extra pen tips (how thoughtful)
  • You can configure the pen buttons, and active drawing area to the ratio of your screen or just to the "full" area of the drawing tablet itself (I did mine to the ration of my screen...it worked flawlessly). 
  • You can get used to the Huion 420 in 20 to 30 minutes of playing with it in Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, or whatever paint software you use
  • The tablet is very small, and portable

Disliked Cons of Huion 420:
  • The pen is battery operated, and doesn't come with a battery (it's like buying a brand new phone that doesn't come with a charger). 
  • You can't forget to click the end of the pen off or it will stay on forever, and your battery will die. 
  • The pen is thick, and bulky. It's like drawing with a thick marker. If you like that then this is more of a pro than con. 
  •  Your fingers could easy accidentally click on the pen buttons while drawing. It could get annoying at times.  
  • The table is small, and not very thin. It will test your comfort level until you get used to it. 
  • You will be buying batteries until the end of time. The pen is not rechargeable, and is unusable without a battery. 

Overall thoughts:

Right now you can get the Huion 420 at Amazon for $21 and some change. I got mine for 16 bucks with free same day delivery so at that price point it was a steal. If you are starting to dabble in the world of digital art, and don't want to invest hundreds on Wacom tablets I definitely recommend giving the Huion 420 a try. 

In terms of Osu...I never played so I dunno. I dunno. 


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  1. Wow!!! Great review!!! I’m looking for a pen tablet for photo retouching . But I'd go for XP-Pen Star G640 https://www.xp-pen.com/product/51.html . it is larger than Huion 420 and more expensive (around $40) but much better! and dont use a battery in your pen!

    1. Yes, I got the G640 shortly after my huion pen broke (3 months after this tablet....so about 2 years ago), and the pen was the same price as buying an entirely new tablet so I got the G640, and still have it to this day.

      I 100% recommend the XP-Pen G640 over Huion 420. It's the better, and more comfortable option. Back when I bought it though it was $29.99 but that was 2018.