How New Artists Lose Money Scamming Themselves

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Do the following, and you are sure to be scammed!

Here's the video!

1. Always work before receiving money. 

If you want to be scammed for your art this is the way to go.

Forget about being paid upfront or even receiving half of your down-payment.

Giving your client the work before even getting paid is the #1 way to make sure you'll never be paid or hear from them ever again.

2. Never working with a clear contract.

Client: "What?!? You didn't say I couldn't come back 2 years later, and ask for changes!!!"

You: *Disappears* 

If you don't clearly state what you will (and won't) do in a contract between you, and your client you can easily be scammed into doing extra unnecessary time consuming work for free. 

3. Give unlimited revisions to client's satisfaction 

Give unlimited revisions, and before you know it you'll do $8,000 worth of work for 100 bucks.

They will constantly harass you to constantly change things no matter how big or small

and you can't say..."well you you're out of revisions" since you practically gave  consent to milk you until they are satisfied

Do it for the scam!

4. Never saying no to unrelated or inappropriate revisions:

In every profession we have this evil artist scammer.

The scammer that asks you to draw a baby pegasus. 

You quote he or she for the "a baby Pegasus ."

The next thing you know, you show the baby pegasus, and...

Scammer Client: "I also want a fire breathing dragon flying towards an angry evil princess fighting "a baby pegasus." 

5. Accept below average low budget (really low budget) work online from:

a "suspicious potential client" who writes in sketchy broken english (make sure you follow step one to be scammed)

You will have extreme communication problems (but that's you want you be scammed!)

Any issues that comes from misspelled communication will be blamed on you (but of course you WANT to be scammed so...)

Here's an example of how it'll go:

You: "You said to remove the cat."

SP Client: "You miundastud meh"

You: "So were you talking about the hat? Remove the hat?"

SP Client: "Iye din sey det"

You: "Okay, I'll paint the cat, and the hat back on."

SP Client: "tic of! tic et of!"

You: "Okay, Okay..."

SP Client: "Wey yuh remove dhaaaat?"

You: "Wait, what?

SP Client: "Don't yuh spic inglishh!!!"

Your payment will most likely not come.

Your "client" will make excuses as to why they can't pay. Mostly about an "illness" in their family from aplacethatdoesntexistorisntevenreal, and how you should give your art out of kindness completely for free...I mean you did it anyways right?


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