Pattern-O-Mania | Fun, and Random Digital Paper Patterns

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Today, I was a bit inspired (since I honestly was home with nothing to do) to create "digital paper patterns." I'm not sure exactly why, but for some reason these things are very popular and a lot of people buy them in bulk on sites like Etsy (maybe for things like arts, and crafts or to use as digital backgrounds...I don't know).

Anyways, I started playing around with my mouse, and adobe creative cloud (Illustrator + Photoshop) and this is what I basically came up with. They were fun to make as well. 

Digital Paper Pattern #1 (by the way, this wasn't the first created. I'm listing all these patterns randomly since I'm too lazy to remember which came first so....yeah). 

I chose a random pattern with random colors for the cherry illustration above. I wanted to make a fun cherry pattern that covered the whole canvas, and varied in sizes. 

Digital Paper Pattern #2

I wanted to stick with the fruity theme so I went ahead, and made a pineapple character, and turned it into a random everything in between pattern. 

Digital Paper Pattern #3

I went back to the illustration, and thought "why not change it a bit, and turn the crazy cute pineapples into spirals." There it is above.

Digital Paper Pattern #4

I don't even know. I tried to do something, and this happened. I have no idea how or why. It just happened, and I pretty much fell in love with it. 

Digital Paper Pattern #5

Here, I thought "hmm, why not make mad pineapples like I did the cherries" hence the title "Pineapples can be mad too." The colors are also random, but that was the intention. 

Digital Paper Pattern #6

Total deceit. There are no bites on these blue smiling melons. 

Digital Paper Pattern #7

Another abstract pattern. I tried out several different colors, and ultimately chose the gray version. 

Digital Paper Pattern #8

For this digital pattern I chose to make a teddy bear face. It's mostly made of simple circles. I color overlayed it blue overall, and a darker blue for the eyes. 

Digital Paper Pattern #9

I combined two different dot illustrations to create the above digital paper. It was basically basic. 

Digital Paper Pattern #10

I created an icy blue leaf pattern, and stacked them on top of the other to cover most of the canvas. At first I didn't know where I was going with this, but at the end of the journey this is where it took me. 


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