10 Amazingly Responsive Free Blogger Templates

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10 Free blogger templates to make your blogspot blog look awesome!

For that Nice Portfolio Look

Portfolio blogger template free and responsive, grid layouts, designers photographers portfolio blogger template

If you are a designer, photographer, illustrator or any creative who wants to turn your blogger blog into a stunning portfolio space this is the blogger template I'd very much recommend. It has two different layout options, and colors to choose from. See it in action in the video above or click the demo link below to experience it for yourself! If you like it you know what to do....download :)

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Something a bit more personal

Behive personal responsive blogger template with multiple sliders

The Beehive blogger template is great free responsive template for bloggers who want to showcase or feature some of their posts with the moving tile like slider on the main page or  want their audience to easily share their content. It is very social media friendly, and lets you link your Instagram pics at the bottom of the web page!

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That Magazine styled blog

Visualartzi wagazine magazine style responsive template with slider
Wagazine steps it up a notch, and transforms your blog into an online magazine themed haven. If you are a tech blogger, fashion blogger, or simply a blogger who posts about multiple events then look no further. It is Ad and social media friendly as it gives you pre-loaded adspace, and let's you share your social media links (google+, twitter, facebook, etc) to your audience so that they can keep in touch with you. 

Themexpose's Wagazine free blogger template is completely responsive, and ready to use. 

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Get the Multipurpose Blogger style

Responsive multipurpose blogger template for blogspot blogs color orange with multiple social media icons
Blogus is a free multipurpose blogger template that allows you to heavily promote your social media pages, and featured content. If you watch my demo above you'll see that every post I clicked had a pop up window on the right side that recommended other posts to me whether it was a featured post or similar related content. Blogus blogger template does a great job at promoting your social media links by having them at the top of the web pages as well the side (about me section), and bottom where it also has your "subscribe" to blog widget. There's no way your readers would miss it. 

So if you'd like to heavily promote yourself, and other content throughout your blog the Blogus blogger template is the way to go. 

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Cool Magazine Styled Blogger Blog!

Style responsive multiple slider blogger template for food bloggers, photographers, multipurpose blog template for free
This Style Magazine free blogger template comes in two header versions---one with the ad space on the side of the blog title, and the other with the ad space under the blog title. If you blog about multiple topics, or dabble in writing several niches and would like a responsive multipurpose blogger template that allows you to monetize your blog with multiple ad spaces...you should look into this free template from Oddthemes. 

It features a cool slider to feature multiple posts so promoting a variety of content is a plus. Your social media buttons are also placed right across the menu bar so it will be very easy for your readers to connect with you. 

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Jazz up your Blog with a Time line

Free responsive timeline blogger template with owls videos and multiple colors video demo visualartzi free templates

Themexpose's Time line blogger template is responsive across several platforms, and is great for showcasing pictures as well as embed videos. The time line adjusts well with tablets, and smart phones so you don't have to worry about your content being hard to see on portable or mobile devices. 

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Simply Stylish

Sora Templates free responsive blogger template sora article visualartzi screenshot of sora article deer vimeo video
A bit minimalistic, but still stylish is this free and responsive Sora Article blogger template by Sora Templates. If you are a blogger who likes a minimalistic look combined with an artistic feel Sora Article has the perfect blend for your blogspot blog. If also features a full width slider on the header of the homepage so you can promote the posts within your blog so your audience won't miss a beat!

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Extra Loaded, and Organized 

Free responsive blogger template visualartzi elegantes sora templates blogger template multipurporse
If you are not about that minimalist lifestyle, and want a blog that is filled with sliders, multiple categories, social media counters, and the like check out Elegantes by Sora Templates. With this free blogger template you can highlight different sections of your blog from must reads, and business posts to beauty and tech. The choice is completely yours. If your blog has a bit of everything, and you want to keep it clean, organized, and uncluttered for your audience to not get lost in this responsive blogger template is a must. 

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I'm All About That Teach 

visualartzi templateism free blogger template and very responsive screenshot of girl smiling educational blogger template for blogspot blog teach courses blogger template for blogspot free
Elearn Mag by Templateism is ideal for bloggers who would like to upgrade their plain blogspot blogs into an online teaching platform. So if you'd like to teach courses on your blog, and want to give it a more professional vibe then eLearn Mag might just be the perfect blogger template for you. It is 100% responsive on mobile devices, features a carousel image slider, and allows you to have an additional featured posts section to promote your lesser known or more important blog posts. 

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Clean, and Simple

Visualartzi free blogger template for minimal classic blogspot look from templateism for free screenshot of women on blogger post
Clean, minimal, and classic. The Writer blogger template by Templateism is basically for bloggers who'd like to keep it simple, and just write. The overall look of the blog is clean, and features social media icons on the posts, sidebars, and top as well as bottom (so promote your social links away). You can embed your nice instagram pics at the bottom of the page for your audience to see, and follow. 

Shopified Bonus!

Thinking about transforming your blogspot blog into an e-commerce platform? Take a look at the free responsive blogger template Megashop! Megashop basically changes your blog into an online store, and features a large image slider, add to cart buttons, a floating contact us side bar, and a top selling section for best selling items. 

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