14 Creative Ways To Promote Your Artwork, and Designs!

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1. Build an online art portfolio:

You  can use websites like Behance or Flickr to host some pics of your portfolio as those sites are free, and don't require your full attention to start from scratch. All you need to do is upload and viola!

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2. Make A Blog or website:

To document your art shows, state your art events or even show a little glimpse of your work in progress. It is also a great ways for your fans or people who are curious about your work to find or contact you.


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3. Print Your Artwork in poster form:

Post it as a sign in front of your house with the link to your blog or portfolio somewhere on it. You can use a printing service like magcloud to help you get started.


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4. Giveaway some of your art pieces:

No not the original. Since we're on the topic of posterizing why not give away a signed poster copy of your artwork. Just make sure to take a picture of work in very good lighting (you don't want your work to look horrible). You can do these giveaways on your blog, and it can get your readers very pumped!


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5. Sell your art on easy platforms:

Make sure that you have a stable place like an online store or market place where you're selling your work. If you're looking to actually earn from your art it would be wise to do so. If you're not very savvy on creating your own online store from scratch you can use platforms like Etsy, or shopify.

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6. Vinyl Decal it up: 

True story. My cousin loves to create vinyl decals so one day he decided to make one specifically for his car. It was a bit "risqué" so I won't get into what it was he designed, but it got so much attention that when he drove his car around someone literally followed him to ask where he got it done (It was less creepy than it actually sounds right now). The surprise came when he stated that he does this himself. Long story short--this got him started, and he made quite a bit of an income from it.
If you are a really great artist, and would like your artwork to be seen why not be a bit bold, and paste some art on your wheels?


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7. Add some flare to your business card:

Sometimes simple is good, but as an artist it would be better for your business card to represent you. If you're one who likes bright and colorful don't go for plain old black, and white.

beaufiful african american Girl rocking art on clothes to promote her artwork, artists can promote their artwork creatively with clothes and their closet

8. Artsify yourself or your whole closet!  

    beautiful girl with red hair and yellow shirt promoting art work

Be it your phone, leggings, t-shirts, hoodie or even sneakers go ahead and paste your work on it. You can use a service like decalgirl (don't let the name fool you), redbubble or even zazzle.com to upload pics of your artwork and have them printed on items like above.
You can even give them out to some of your friends so they can do the promotion for you! (see the sneakiness?)


9. Banner it up! 

Your facebook, tumblr, youtube, google+, twitter, etc... Customize a banner with your art. You can use services like fiverr to have an accurate size made for your or you can google it and watch video tutorials on youtube (the latter is free!).


10. Garage Sale:

Give out free samples of your artwork. Meaning small 4×4 pics of your work. A garage sale is a pretty free excuse to promote yourself, and your art shamelessly.

11. Show and ask:

Show a well known art blogger what you have to offer, and ask if they could feature some of your work in an upcoming post.

decorated door saying spice me up designed by visualartzi to help promote your art

12. Door Decor:

Design the front of your door (be it your dorm room, apartment, etc) with a catchy phrase (hopefully one that makes sense with what your create--sculpting, painting, sketching, etc) and a link to your blog, or social networking sites (whichever you feature your work on  more, and are most reachable). The more appealing or humorous, the higher your chances are of being found by whoever is walking by your door.

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13. Get Video-Artsy:

Another fun way to promote your artwork is by making a video collage of your art or of yourself doing art over a period of time (preferably sped up with some good music in the background). If your good at editing, or know of a good video editor create a video of 60 sec or less (people have a shorter attention span these days) featuring your best works (and a link to your site at the end). If you do not know a thing about editing or using video editing software you can always learn a little if you have time.

Promote your art work by teaching, girl with beautiful eyes inside of camera

14. Art Tutorials:

Teaching art comes easier to some people than others. If you feel that you're pretty good at explaining things, and one of those things just happens to be your art form than please share. As unbelievable as this may seem a lot of people come to the web to learn things (how to this, and how to that...). If your great at painting, and know a trick or two that could help someone out you can show them how to by blogging about it or even posting up video tutorials. Who knows, maybe you'll get so many viewers, and subscribers that you'll be able to start charging for future tutorials.


A Visual Artist sharing her world, and the things she loves with you!


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