5 Awesome Free Video Editors You Should Know About!

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Visualartzi lightworks video editor with leonardo dicaprio and award winning editing software

Lightworks (Free Version) - Advanced Editors

Lightworks currently has two versions (one free, and one paid), but today we'll just get into the awesome free version. The Lightworks free video editor is compatible with windows, linux, and mac computers. It is a nonlinear video editor that supports HD, SD, 2K and even 4K video resolutions.

See it in action!

The Lightworks Free Version Limitations

Okay, so if a great professional video editing software is free you should know that there's always a catch (especially when it's too good to be true).

Below are Lightwork's free version limits:
  • Exports only mpeg-4 files
  • Exports max resolution of 720p

Lightworks Features:

Even though Lightworks has a few drawbacks it does pack some awesome features such as:
  • Built in presets with great realtime effects (over 100 available)
  • Customizable interface - whether it's the fonts, colors, languages, Fx, shortcuts, scaling, etc—Lightworks free video editor has you covered.
  • Multicamera editing
  • Supports Multiple Video formats (avi, quicktime movie, AVHD, etc)

If you're used to video editing software like windows movie maker, imovie, or final cut pro you'll see that Lightworks video editor requires quite a bit of a learning curve.

I know that when I used Lightworks back in 2012 (the free version wasn't limited then since it was relatively new, and there was no paid version) it took me about a month, and half to get fully comfortable with it since I was accustomed to FCP, and Sony Vegas, but at the end of the day it was all worth it.

If you are looking for a simple, and easy video editor for home videos, and what-not then Lightworks may not be for you.

If you are a serious video editor looking for a nice free alternative in video editing software then Lightworks may just be your soulmate.

Visualartzi free video editor for windows VSDC

If you want a GFE (good, free, and easy) alternative to microsoft window's movie maker then you may want to pay a visit to Video Soft Dev's free video editor. VSDC is a non-linear video editor, and allows you to effortlessly edit and create videos. VSDC is only compatible with windows at the moment (sorry to mac and linux users).

Video Soft Dev Video Editor Limitations:

VSDC has no limitations on its free version so you can use it without restrictions of watermarks, ads, or free trial periods (yay!).

VSDC Features:
  • Allows you to edit HD videos
  • Allows you to convert video and audio files
  • Allows DVD authoring
  • Multiple video file support
  • Allows multiple basic effects
  • Allows you to chroma key

VSDC free video editor is great for beginners, and pretty good for advanced video editors. It may not have all the features that paid products such as Avid, and Adobe premiere dishes out, but it is capable of some pretty advanced features if you take out the time to master it.

Openshot beautiful colorful visualartzi

Openshot Free Video Editor:

Openshot is a free video editing software compatible with windows, mac, and of course Linux Computers. Openshot is packed with features that make this non-linear video editor one not to miss.

Openshot's Key features:
  • Drag and drop support
  • Key framing
  • Unlimited amounts of tracks/layers
  • Animated 3D titles
  • Provides Support for Image sequences/Rotoscoping
  • Compositing
  • And so much more

Openshot Video Editor supports many video, and audio formats based on their FFmpeg encoding. I believe that Openshot is great for intermediate to advanced video editors who are looking for some free alternatives to FCP, Avid, or Sony Vegas.

To make sure Openshot video editor is compatible with any conputer you use download the .iso version, and burn it onto a blank DVD (you can use a free program like img burn or any burning software that you have and use). Boot your computer using the DVD, and witness it transform into a full production editing station.

Free video editing software nonlinear, and black for tablets mobile devices PowerDirector mobile

PowerDirector Mobile - Tablets Only

If you've ever done extensive research on video editing software you may have stumbled upon Cyberlink PowerDirector, and noticed that it's a pretty awesome video editor...that's in no way free.

BUT, that is simply just the desktop version of PowerDirector. The mobile version of PowerDirector (which is currently only available for windows 8,  and android tablets running Jellybean 4.1 or greater) is avaible for free on the windows store for windows 8, and Google playstore.

PowerDirector Mobile Limitations:

A few things are different in the mobile app version of PowerDirector as opposed to the desktop application such as:
  • PowerDirector mobile is a linear video editor while the desktop version is a non-linear editor
  • Less effects are available as opposed to the desktop version
  • You can't export in 1080 unless you perform an in-app purchase

PowerDirector's Key Features:
  • Edit and export HD videos in 720p (free) as well as 1080p (paid)
  • Apply 20 transitions into your videos
  • Easy drag and drop support
  • Supports multiple image, video, and audio file formats

PowerDirector Mobile may not fufill all your advanced video editing needs as it is very limited, but it is one of the best free mobile video editors available, and is great for light and quick video editing on the go.

To download PowerDirector mobile free video editor for your tablet:

Click here to download on Windows 8

visualartzi free video editor online

Filelab Online Video Editor:

Filelab is a free online based video editor that is simple, and easy to use. Filelab's free video editor kind of reminds me of AVS4YOU's video editor so if you are used to using that program then you won't feel uncomfortable with Filelab's editor design.

Filelab's Video Editor Limitations:
  • Can't export in HD (no 720p or 1080p export support)

Filelab's Video Editor Key Features:

  • Allows multiple transitions
  • Allows you to import and edit HD videos (oh the irony)
  • Allows you to overlay your videos

Filelab Video Editor is ideal for those who want to create simple and fun videos for their androids, iphones, and tablets.


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