Hey, guys! I'm back at it again. What's life without inspiration? Here is a brand new list of my fav artists for this month. Please feel free to follow, and support them. 

Alright, It's late at night, and I couldn't sleep so I figured why not browse the web and find illustrations I like from amazing artists. So here we go!

Hey, guys today I wanted to share with you my favorite sticker tutorial videos. You can use these to create laptop stickers, waterbottle stickers, planner stickers, and more!
I'm having a great month this month teaching classes, and working on new illustration projects but inspiration is always welcomed. Here are today's illustration finds from wonderful artists I think you guys should definitely check out.

How To Draw A Unicorn Step by Step For Beginners....

I made a full video course on how to create a responsive webcomic website without code using wordpress.

Hey, guys check out my July 2019 Bullet Journal Set Up, and Plan With Me!

I know, I know this has nothing to do with my blog, but I have nowhere else to post this so if this helps ya'll I'm happy!

Hey, guys so this week I was busy trying to get my life more organized especially since I am moving soon. I am still new to bullet journalling, but I wanted to try it out since it makes organizing my thoughts a lot more creative, and less boring. I didn't want to buy notebooks upon notebooks to lug around everywhere I go so I thought why not go paperless? So this is when I got the idea to create a digital bullet journal from my phone since it's a lot more convinient, and since I'm not a loyal apple fangirl (I like android too) I got an app that works seamlessly accross both ios, and android.

I hope you guys get inspired, and enjoy this June bullet journal...digital edition.