Thanks for reading the first part of my new webcomic Lolitups! If you've read the backstory found here, then you may be confused about the direction "Lolitup," is going so here is an updated synopsis of the story:

In a world filled with superheroes all super villains cease to exist and earth is at peace.

Superpowers are now used for social status, and to help catch the occasional wanna-be-bad guys every now and then.

Being a superhero has never been so simple, easy, and safe...until
a massive unknown explosion in Cryptic City brings new deadly villains known as the "Crazy 12" into earth, and destruction begins.

In the midst of chaos the ultimate, weapon, Lolitups, awakens.

This chapter highlights the past, the present, and future (hence the title) of what's to come in "Lolitups." These scenes are spread out, and will make more sense as they are pieced together in the next few chapters of this web comic. 

Lolitups will still have a light goofy comedic feel to it in the following chapters, but it also has dark undertones (as you can see from this first look into Lolitups). 

I will be updating "Lolitups: Adventures of Magna Girl, and Electro-boy" here on a monthly basis rather than every week as I don't do this full time so until then I'll be updating every 20th of the month, and I'll try to make the updates lengthy for you guys! 

Today, I took on the challenge of digitally painting for the first time using Paintstorm Studio. This was a full on no sketching, and just blending brushes type of digital painting that I don't usually do. I always start off with a sketch, and then use some line art though while using Paintstorm studio instead of Photoshop I thought, "Why not try something different."

In this illustration is an alien girl radiating blasts of energy from her body.

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It's official!

So today, I'm starting off the week with a sketched digital illustration to be since I got my new drawing tablet *happy dance.*

I got the Huion 420 (not the H). It is one of the most basic drawing tablets (it's actually meant for a game called Osu...never knew it existed until yesterday), but it's good...I guess.

I mean at least it's not possessed like the last tablet that was gifted to me. Given my lack of experience with drawing tablets I don't have much to compare the Huion 420 to besides my mouse.

It get's the job done faster than my mouse so I can't complain.
A beautiful mock up that highlights your design (no more models)! I usually don't create mock ups without models, but after browsing a few online shops featuring modeless mock ups there were a couple that caught my eye, and I figured...why not make my own, and share it you guys.  

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I am basically a day or two (okay, it's been like a week. Let me live) since I said I'd do a "daily sketchbook binge" on here so even though it's a little overdue here is the first set. I'm working on improving my proportions on different sizes of paper using ink.

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Doodle sketchbook visualartzi. New sketchbook artwork 2018

I got a new sketchbook yesterday. I didn't like it at first since it's not as smooth to draw on with my pens, but it grew on me a little.

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