Two imperfect double exposure manipulations I made the other day...
In the next few weeks this blog will be getting a complete revamp. A lot of the old articles will still be available (some won’t), and so will a bit of the freebies, but all in all it’s time to move on to a different direction. The original, but new direction.

Art is a very big passion of mine, and so is writing. I wanted to combine the two in a space that I could share with others who share a similar interest. I wanted to inspire, and give back. Document my journey in this artistic world, and take everyone along for the ride.

That was where I went wrong. I can’t take EVERYONE. I wanted to include every single art form.

I was doing too much too fast.

Giving too much of too many different things. Pumping out content like a broken oil rig. Leaking so much madness into endless pages that some of you were drowning in a polluted sea of chaos.

What are you doing? The truth is I was so lost even I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. What was I doing? It didn’t make sense to me anymore.

So, that being said I am taking a step back, and starting over with a brand new set of eyes.

Thank you guys so much for over 200,000 reads, and for your support.

From today onward we’re moving on.

Below are some watercolor painting videos that I found very interesting. I thought, heck, why not share it with you guys? You may like them as well so check them out, and their amazing creators. 

I was inspired, and designed this website mock up the other day in photoshop with both web, and mobile in mind.

So, I had a little free time today, and figured it's been a while since I've done a nice freebie on here so why not? Today's limited time freebie is based on my latest adventure so far into the world of women's fashion, and apparel. 

So a while ago I recorded a quick black to white leggings mock up with a design in Adobe photoshop, and finally had time to edit and uploaded it today.

A quick throwback to a 3 steampunk digital art photo manipulations I made a while ago featuring three main spunky protagonist: Laura, Amber, and Eve.