This is a recent project I worked on recently which was an advertisement an e-commerce shop I currently partnered with featuring women's fashion.

Do you want to upgrade your current ecommerce store or maybe add an ecommerce shop to your blog? Well, your in luck! Below are a few beautiful Wordpress Ecommerce themes for Woocommerce (many of which I have tried myself) that I recommend to upgrade the look of your current or future shop. Some of these stunning Ecommerce themes have free versions while others are completely premium.

These tips are basically how I design my Facebook cover templates so that they're easy to customize using smart objects, and clipping masks. Other designers may do theirs differently, but this is how I do it, and most of my clients love it! So if you're interested in creating some easy to customize Facebook cover templates then keep on reading.

I honestly have to say I like Photoshop way more than illustrator. If it wasn’t for things like “scalable vectors” I would have dropped illustrator like a hot potato. 

Image manipulation is my thing, and I love it even more so when I use Photoshop. Hand illustration is my thing and I love it...until I use illustrator. It’s so buggy, laggy, and limited. 

With Photoshop I feel free, and it rarely crashes on me no matter how many layers I stack on top of layers. Illustrator on the other hand crashes like clockwork if there are too many layers, too much details, etc. I am reduced to doing my most detailed work on Photoshop when I can’t be bothered with the constantly crashing illustrator.

The worst part is when illustrator crashes when I need to save, or can’t open the massive file I recently just saved. At first I thought my PC was just weak, and used 4 different high powered computers (from friends of course) with much better specs (more ram, faster processor, and the like). There was no change. Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash!!!!  Freeeeeeezeeee!!!!

The sad part is that illustrator has some great features that photoshop does not, but the constant freezing, and crashing has me running the other way. I have a serious like-hate relationship with Adobe illustrator at this point. In the meantime I’ll be using an alternative for vector art while adobe support figures out the issue. 

clip art png starry pumpkin clip art visualartzi,download  colorful pumpkins with stars

You've just stumbled on to 7 colorful beautiful hand illustrated starry pumpkins which come in orange, blue, gray, purple, pink, green, and red!

Today, I was a bit inspired (since I honestly was home with nothing to do) to create "digital paper patterns." I'm not sure exactly why, but for some reason these things are very popular and a lot of people buy them in bulk on sites like Etsy (maybe for things like arts, and crafts or to use as digital backgrounds...I don't know).

Anyways, I started playing around with my mouse, and adobe creative cloud (Illustrator + Photoshop) and this is what I basically came up with. They were fun to make as well. 

Today I got some practice in, and designed these three illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. The first is a purple, and white gradient elephant, the second is a colorful floral wreath, and the third is a leaf patterned digital paper try-out.

pretty colorful purple and blue elephant illustration Visualartzi, Beautiful floral wreath pink blue yellow flowers and green leaves decor illustration visualartzi,Beautiful purple leaves and ornaments digital paper visualartzi

I was inspired to create a colorful flaming Phoenix illustration from a few black, and white Phoenix images I saw while casually surfing the web a few days ago.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from some of these helpful graphic design tools for web designers: 

1 ) Save time coding, and spend more time designing

2 ) Less unanswered back and forth emails to graphic design clients

Okay, let’s get right on to it! 

If you're a graphic website designer, and would like a website inspector alternative that is more visual, and less code then I definitely recommend you take a look at CanvasFlip Visual Inspector. It's a chrome extension that allows you to visualize temporary changes on a live website without typing a line of code.