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I find that a lot of people argue over which form of painting surpasses the other—digital or traditional? Some say digital while some argue the long history of traditional art, but I personally think that this arguement is quite pointless. You're comfortable with what you're comfortable with. It's all a matter of preference. 

As an artist though I do have to agree with one thing when the arguement arises: true painters should at least know how to paint in the flesh.

Why do I say this? Well this is my take on matter, and I quote:

"You can't really call yourself a great painter if you barely know how to hold an actual brush or worse...the difference between acrylic and water colors."

One of my teachers told me this in elementary school, and it was true that during the time I did not know anything about water color or acrylic (give me a break I was 8), but what he said to me did stay with me to this day and proved true. 

Can someone paint without a brush? Yes, I thought I was an amazing painter with my fingers back in elementary school (brushes were my enemies back then, I only liked ink—pencils were the enemy too,  I hated the smudges that ruined my drawings—and my fingers). I've even seen some great paintings made only using fingers. Though this failed me when I had to imitate a painting for a magnent art program. 

The lines were too finely detailed, my small chubby fingers could not produce such lines without the help of a utensil or in other words a brush. The paint was extremely hard to wash off my hands without clashing with other colors, and creating smudges and color splashes—it was total chaos, and so from then on I learned to paint with brushes. 

Knowing how to paint digitally is a plus—I mean I recently learned to do it, and I have to say the process is much easier. I can easily "undo" any small or major mistakes I make. When I need to paint an animated scene I can simply go digital, and do it efficiently.

Though if I want to paint a still life subject I go all traditional, and embrace all the love and frustration on my canvas.

Most artists do paint traditionally especially if they majored in the subject, but a lot of newer emerging artists know how to paint both traditionally and digitally. 

I think that it's great to learn both, and that they both can benefit you in the long run. The feel of the canvas, and brushes in your hands is a great feeling (believe it or not) so if you do not know how to paint traditionally you should consider it—yes it is a lot messier, but it will pay off. 

What will you do if your laptop or computer crashes? Then again what if you run out of paint?

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