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Lightworks currently has two versions (one free, and one paid), but today we'll just get into the awesome free version. The Lightworks free video editor is compatible with windows, linux, and mac computers. It is a nonlinear video editor that supports HD, SD, 2K and even 4K video resolutions.

1. Daydream Lily

Daydream Lily Girl laying down and smiling

Daydream Lily photography Girl In Bed

daydream lily photography pondering girl blue sweater

Daydream Lily Girl under sheets

Daydream Lily Girl drinking in the kitchen

Daydream Lily was created in 2008, and has been thriving ever since. Loaded with hundreds of pictures Daydream Lily is a photography blog not to miss.

2. A Girl Named Leney

Girl Named Leney Hair In Wind

A Girl Named Leney pretty girl feet photography

A Girl Named Leney Night open

A Girl Named Leney photography girl black with guitar african american

beautiful free girl in white photography stomach peek

The mesmerizing blog A Girl Named Leney was actually created by a girl named Leney. Her blog is filled with photos of couples, people, musicians, and everyday beauty.

3. Searching For Tomorrow

Searching for tomorrow girl laying pretty makeup floor

oceans man photography beautiful

Searching for tomorrow beauty laying down

water photography calm oceans serene

on top man beautiful landscape

Created by Kitty, and Nathan Searching For Tomorrow is a truly beautiful photography blog that will leave you captivated for hours. The skilled photographer behind all the magic is Kitty while Nathan is awesome brainiac who codes, and programs the site. These two make an amazing duo as they bring the blog to life.

4. Lovely Cluster Blog

Lovely Cluster Blog photography house

waterfalls beautiful nature

Lovely Cluster Blog Open Road photography

everyday house things

Brought into existence by Rachel Follett Lovely Cluster Blog is mixture of a lot pretty photography.