Cartooning Myself | Photoshop Digital Illustration

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So today I took on the challenge of digitally illustrating/painting myself in photoshop for the first time ever in life. I struggled a bit since I'm not using a digital tablet (hopefully my time will come...very soon), but things came out pretty well. I changed a few areas when I felt fed up, and tired of getting everything to match the way I wanted it to, but tried to make it look somewhat similar to the original blurry pic of me.

I was originally going to do this in Adobe Illustrator (since it's much faster, and easier), but since I am going to start digitally painting my webcomics in Photoshop I thought why not start today, and stop putting it off. The process took some time. It was very tedious. I felt myself dosing off to sleep a few times, but as you can see I pushed through!

I might upload a video of my struggle painting with my laptop, but part of the video got corrupted (the ending part)'s a bit incomplete though you'll get an overall picture.


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