Levels - The Cold, Dark, and Lonely

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sad lonely house
Photographed by Kernia Belizaire


This picture looks dark, and gloomy I know. That was what I was going for.

This photograph was originally brighter, but I darkened the brightness with the curves in photoshop. I named it levels, because of how big the house actually is. This house was roughly the size of a mansion, and even though I took the picture on a bright sunny day the house just gave me this feeling of dark loneliness. Hence the reason why it was named Levels (the levels of the dark and lonely). The house just reeked of coldness, and that just made me want to capture this in that exact moment.

I originally shot the very top of the house, and then made my way towards the bottom, but this exact picture just drew me in and then I just decided--this one was it.


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