Iminder Commercial

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This was created my sophmore year—no junior year of high school. It was almost kind of last minute since I wad barely done storyboarding the scenes, but I think it still came out pretty good.

Watch the Iminder commercial below:

Someway, somehow no matter how last minute a project is I find some way to polish it up, and pass it as completed. I don't usually make this a habit, but it does happen sometimes.

This was the first commercial I ever shot during the time, and the process of making it wasn't fun at first, but then during the filming and editing stage things got a bit more fun, and funny.

"Manny" stars as Travis who is the regular guy that the popular girls are picking on, because of his jacket.

Chloe-Faith Wilson stars as Kendra who is a popular cheerleader (hence the uniform) that likes to make fun of people. To Chloe acting comes as a sixth sense so it is usually very easy for her to get into character, and attack a scene.

Other than acting Chloe is extremely good at make up artistry, creative writing, and (dare I say it) cheerleading (yes she is an actual cheerleader).

Elizabeth Herrera stars as Corey the popular cheerleader's second in command. Of you've ever seen the short "Alkami" then you may have already known Liz (A.K.A. Chuleta). If you haven't seen the short "Alkami" watch it from the link below:

Other than occasional acting Liz loves to hands on activities (building, lifting, moving, sculpting, etc), and is secretly an awesome dancer.

Tatiyana Singletary stars as Kaylee who is one of the beautiful girls attracted to "Manny" in the commercial. Tati is a great actress, and performs even better when unscripted as she can improvise, and act naturally (if only you guys could see how awesome she was in her music video). Besides gracefully acting Tati is a great volleyball player (very athletic), and can work miracles at finishing a last minute project.


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