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Backstabbing best friends, undertoned romance, cinematic action and power hungry villains. Imagine if everything you thought you knew was lie...this is Alkami. Elizabeth Herrera Hakim Langlais, Devonta Fegan, Kernia Belizaire, Chloe Faith Wilson Visualartzi,

Backstabbing best friends, undertoned romance, cinematic action and power hungry villains. Imagine if everything you thought you knew were lies...this is Alkami.

Watch Alkami below:

Shooting this short film was not only fun, but also very stressful. My crew and I (Chloe, and Elizabeth) worked very hard on this short film since it was a first for everyone.

Even though we’ve been learning TV/Video Production since freshman year of High School we’ve never shot an actual in-depth short film. We created this senior year of High School, and believe it or not this is the unfinished version of our short film.

In this short film Elizabeth Herrera stars as Maya Swift, and Mia Cohen (her evil twin sister). This was Elizabeth's first acting stage in the short film. She is not a professionally trained actress nor did she take any acting classes so I think she did a pretty job as she had no prior acting experience. She also had to play two different characters, and change outfits back to back so that was extra work on her part.

Hakim on the other hand starred as Drew Steel who is Maya's protector. He used to be one of the bad guys, but betrayed them when he gained a conscience. Although Hakim is not a professionally trained actor he is a professionally trained fighter (he is currently training for the marines).

Devonta plays the role of the bad guy, and is equally matched with Drew (Hakim) who is his ex best friend (Drew betrayed him and the evil team). Devonta is a natural born actor, and completed each line thrown at him effortlessly. Other than acting, and fighting Devonta is a great dancer, and has no problem battling it out on the dance floor.

Jodi (Jodebska Valencia) stars as Paige Vasquez who is the evil manipulator. She is very good with persuasion, and vanishing. She is second in command to Mia (the evil twin played by Elizabeth) who is the leader of the gang. Jodi is a great actress (I actually thought that she took acting classes--but she didn't), and can take any scene or emotion that you throw at her.

Chloe was an extra in the movie for like 15 seconds, but if time allowed she would have probably been given a stronger role (but then again who would help me direct and film?).

The scenes that we shot, but were not included in the short film will be shown in a different post throughout this blog.

One thing I think we should have worked super hard on is the audio. Audio can always use some improvement--no matter what it can never be perfect. It can sound great to one person, but be too loud or low to the other. Audio was one of our biggest downfalls as we tried to rush our project, and make it look finished (notice the black scenes with the sound effects? Yep, those used to be place holders for the actual scenes. Too bad we didn't get to put them in on time).


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  1. I'm not gonna' lie that was hot.

    I liked Mia more than Maya though. Maya was weak. Cute, but weak. Mia was fire, and that girl Paige too.

    I cracked up when Maya tried to Karate kick that dude, but ended up falling. Major fail!!! Was that intended or no?

    I liked the short film though. When does part 2 come out?

    1. Happy, that you enjoyed the short film!

      There isn't a part two to Alkami since it started as a class project, but if the cast wants to go at it again then there may be a possibility of a sequel.

      Oh, and as for that kick...

      Let's just say it didn't go as planned, but it kind of worked :)