I Love Shotokan

10:28:00 PM

Kick Shotokan photoshop

I think I made this my sophmore year of High School in my graphic arts class. I didn't really like using Indesign all that much, and felt a whole lot more comfortable with photoshop so I practically had to beg my teacher to let me use the half and half (half photoshop, and half indesign). Though truthfully I kind fo used mostly photoshot, and a tiny bit of indesign for when I had to print it out.

To make this design I used a mixture of photographs, and layers.

How was this made? 

To make this photoshop mixture I used the following:

  • A .png of a heart

  • A picture of shattered glass (which was duplicated and cloned to go throughout the heart and seem as if it had different parts)

  • A clear picture of a kicking man. The background was removed using the magic wand tool.

  • A randomy colored belt. The color was changed to back (using curves), and then I used the fx tool in the layers pannel to add the outline to the belt. 

  • Text was used for the "I" in "I love shotokan." It was then rasterized. Afterwards I used the selection too to select half, and command J to create a second copy of just that half. Then I selected the original "I" layer, and cut the upper part of the "I." Using the transform tool I rotated the "I", and made it look like the man was kicking it. 

  • Text was used for the "Love shotokan part also" except I used a clipping mask to make it seem like it was made out of fire. 

  • The fire in the background was a picture of fire duplicated enough throughout the picture.

  • That is all. That's how the "I love Shotokan" picture was made. 

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