Caught In The Middle

1:12:00 AM

senior short film chloe jonathan kernia denise

Three things:

"Why won't you have sex with me already?"

A Psycho obsessed girl

And A Man with an invisible beard (this is a long story)

That's what we were given to make our short film. We (my crew, and I—Chloe, Jonathan, and Denise) had to pick 4 random things from a box. Two lines of Dialogue, and two character traits. Hence why the above text is mentioned in the short film. The second dialogue was a very long quote from great gatsby (something about beating on boats), and I really don't feel like writing it down right now (just watch the video if you haven't already. You'll see it).

Anyways this was a collaboration between the seniors (me and Chloe), and juniors (Denise and Jonathan) as a practice exercise. We had to let the juniors take most of the control, and learn a thing or two about editing with Final cut pro (short cuts, effects, etc).

The lionsgate in the beginning wasn't really neccessary, but it tricked some of our classmates into thinking they were going to be watching an actual movie (it was quite funny actually).

Overall, this project was a cool and fun exercise.

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